With more and more homes getting high-speed internet (Cable or DSL)
more homes have more than one computer wanting to access the internet.
We can help! We will come in and set up the necessary equipment and
network as many computers as you want.

We provide networking services for the home or office.

Call us now and schedule a professional technician to setup your network.

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LAN (Local Area Network) :

Refers to a network that spans a relatively small geographical area and/or is limited to one segment, for example an office floor-space. LANs provide high speed data transfer (100Kbps to 1Gbps) between directly connected machines using different network topologies and protocols, See also Ethernet and WAN.


WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) :

Refers to a Wireless LAN which uses radio waves instead of cables for data transfer, but can work integrated with cable networks as well, this type of LAN is giving you mobility, it is secure.


Network Optimization :

Network Optimization helps boost your network speed. Depending on you networking needs we can configure the right protocols and remove all extra protocols to help increase network speed. Some viruses target networks and can block access to the internet for the entire network. Network viruses have to be removed in a special way to avoid re-infection. Networks can also be slow due to faulty cabling. We have special equipment to ensure that your network runs smoothly and to its optimum capability.



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